Through the 2010 season watched as Buster gunned down runners, hit home runs and guided the SF pitching staff day after day to win after win. All the time he remained humble, calm and focused. Before the season ended, I knew I wanted to commemorate this incredible player's major league rookie season. I started planning out the sculpture with the working title "Rookie of the Year". 

The hard part was figuring out how to picture him. 


A pitcher is pretty straight forward, as are the heavy home run hitting fielders, but not so easy with a catcher ~ especially a catcher with Buster's skills. Should I show him as the fierce defenseman behind the plate or the deadly batter? It was a difficult decision, but in the end, I went for showing him as a batter, because I  felt it would reflect his intense focus. 


Buster has helped lead the Giants to three World Series wins in San Francisco.

 After seeing his drive throughout the years and how he's readying himself for another stellar year, I had to change the name of the sculpture. It was only fitting it should be called "Driven", because if there is one word to describe him, that seems the most fitting.





About the Sculpture


The day is warm and the home crowd at AT&T Park is shouting out the name of their favorite catcher who has just taken to bat at the plate. A seasoned and steely nerved pitcher is on the mound and he means to serve this hungry youngster a healthy serving of strikes -- but he's misjudged this one. He may look like a kid fresh out of college, but he's an old soul and knows how to read a pitcher. Throughout the game he's been watching him...checking his timing and movement. He knows what he likes to throw and when.


The pitcher slightly nods to his catcher and then enters the windup. In a flash, his arm whips forward and the wrist snaps as a white bullet races for the plate. The young batter spies the spin of the seams as it leaves the pitcher's hand, but he's anticipated what's coming; the spin just verifies it. With his keen eye on the ball, Buster aims to ruin another opposing pitcher's day and put yet another run on the scoreboard.

Medium:  Bronze (from Lost Wax)

Mounted on a back granite base


Height:  18"

Length:  16"

Width:  9"

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