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There comes a time, when we lose those closest to us.  When the hurt of the loss is so great that nothing will help ease the pain.  In some cases, this loss comes at the hands of an unseen enemy.  A foe with whom we are powerless to face and yet strikes at the ones closest to us. 


However hard the pain and the loss are, they are the most powerful reminder to us to live each day with joy - to hold dear all those close to us, to enjoy the beauty around us.


Anguish reminds us to be happy, and to cherish every moment.

About the Sculpture

Dimensions: 16” tall x 9” wide x 10” long


Material: Bronze from Lost Wax casting


Type of edition: Limited


Number of pieces in edition: 2


Upon completion of the edition, the mold will be destroyed. There will be no further editions made of this image.

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