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Mission for Muir!
A continuing mission to keep the legacy of America's most influential conservationist alive through sculpture




University of the Pacific Campaign


Thank you to our generous donors! We've reached our goal!


You've done it!  Thanks to the support you've given us, we've made one more goal on our continuing

"Mission for Muir"



John Muir    


He is one of America's most important historical figures and was a regional naturalist with global impact. His writings influenced presidents and congressmen to preserve nature. One of the most traditional ways to keeping the legacy of important people alive throughout the ages has been through sculpture. However, John Muir has been underrepresented in this all-important art form. Therefore, I felt compelled to create a bronze sculpture of him that I thought would best represent this man of action and help preserve his legacy for generations to come -- it is entitled "Mountain Muir". 


The Impact


Our generous donors and supporters have helped us achieve our first two goals, by funding the installation of "Mountain Muir" at The University of the Pacific, and now the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA - but we're not finished yet and have a long way to go!


By providing an image of Muir as the vigorous man of action he was, we hope to inspire those who visit the places Muir is associated with to pursue their life's passion and to be people of action and change in their lives and in the world around them. 


It is our vision and our dream to install life-size statues of Muir at the University of the Pacific, The John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, Muir Woods, Yosemite and Dunbar,Scotland (his birthplace) among other locations. 


Because these places are visited by people from all over the world, Muir sculptures there could help inspire visitors to take the message of conservation and preservation to their home, inspiring nature protection around the world.  


With your help, we can continue our mission to install John Muir sculptures/statues around the world and we continue to need YOUR help with this vision and dream!


                We would love to see a John Muir sculpture in the

                home of everyone who champions environmental conservation and preservation.


For more about John Muir (click here)


Help us continue to promote Muir awareness! 


The sales of our John Muir Collection (pictured below) help us get the image of Muir to homes and offices and further our cause.   



                              "The Visionary"         "The Inspiration"    Muir in Nature's Beauty   "Nature's Prophet"      "Mountain Muir"



Hopefully, this man of action, conservationist, writer, environmental visionary, and wilderness explorer becomes an inspiration to you.


Thank you for your continued support in joining us on our Mission for Muir!


With sincere gratitude -- Will & Karen